Thursday, 26 March 2015

There are SO many different findings on the benefits and dangers of coffee. Have you noticed that? One minute so-and-so is telling you to have at least 4 cups a day to stave off that inevitable heart-attack - next minute, whats-her-face is telling you to cut that nonsense out before your kidney explodes. For real.

I guess it's not surprising to hear that this back-and-forth extends itself into debate surrounding mental illness and depression. Seriously, one "study" suggests that high coffee drinkers score higher on the depression scale than low users, whilst another "study" suggests that drinking 4+ cups a day puts you at a much lower risk of depression that those who consume very little to none. (Psst - I put study in quotation marks as I did no research into the actual studies, I just read about them in various blogs and online circles - therefore, they could be sponsored by Pressed Juices Inc. and Starbucks respectively.)

That being said, most of the Internet people told me to ditch the drink. I decided I'll go without for a month and see if I notice any marked improvement in my depression. I must admit - I'm kind of cheating on this one. I already skip hot coffee all together - utter shock and horror, I know. How do I get anything done? The truth is, the texture of hot coffee makes me want to vomit. You needed to know that, right? I do drink iced coffee and the very occasional mocha, but I'm not addicted and I have nowhere near one cup a day, let alone 4. For this reason, I don't believe I will notice any change whatsoever in my condition.

I look forward to reporting back in one month! :)
I'm trying: to give up coffee to see if my depression improves
Predicted outcome: the depravity will have neither positive or negative results

Love Lily x
[photo credit: rachel so photography]

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